Expedition and Walking Socks by Tilley
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These are the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear! Specifically designed for walking and hiking, they're warm in the winter, spring, and fall, and quite comfortable in the summer.

A perfect compliment with our Arctic Sport Boots, they have these Special Features:

  • Made primarily of fine 'itchless' Merino wool (63%) for softness, they wick moisture better than any other fabric - most important for staying warm and dry
  • Teflon in the toe and heel to reduce blister-causing friction - an incredible benefit when you spend the day or consecutive days putting one foot in front of the other
  • A stretch nylon component gives them strength and durability
  • A lycra component gives them support and shape retention
  • All of it combined gives you incredible cushioning, comfort, and security around your instep and arch
  • Wash 'em by hand and they dry overnight.
  • They're guaranteed to be UNHOLeY for 3 years.

PRICE:  $24.95 

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