KN95 Masks - Set of 4
  • KN95 Mask
    KN95 Mask
  • KN95 Storage Sack
    KN95 Storage Sack

KN95 Respirator (Face Mask) – Each order receives 4 – KN95 masks

We have selected the KN95 respirator because it is a suitable alternative for the standard N95 mask which is in such short supply.

  • Like the N95, the KN95 has a snug fit and provides significant respiratory protection from large particle droplets and small particle aerosols, blocking up to 95% of particles .3 microns and larger.
  • Intended for single use, when handled with proper hand hygiene and stored carefully, these masks can be re-used on a limited basis.
  • Hands should be sanitized prior to donning, touching, or removing the mask
  • Our KN95 Mask Kit comes with 4 masks so their usage can be rotated - wear “Mask # 1” on Day 1 then store it in its own cotton storage sack and “rest” it for 3 days (this allows the mask to dry out and virtually re-sterilizes it); wear “Mask # 2” on Day 2 then store it in its own cotton storage sack and “rest” if for 3 days, and so forth.
  • 4 cotton storage sacks are included in the kit (cotton breathes and allows the mask to dry while stored in the sack).
  • Any mask should be discarded after exposure to an aerosol event, if the fit has been compromised, or if the mask becomes damaged, deformed, dirty, or wet.
  • Important Note: We considered offering the blue colored surgical style mask you see on many wearers and decided against it - they are loose fitting and leakage occurs around the edge of the mask when the wearer inhales and exhales. They do not protect the wearer, or others in the vicinity of the wearer, from inhaling or exhaling small particle aerosols and so are not considered respiratory protection.  Similarly, cloth / fabric masks being worn, do not protect the wearer and others in the vicinity of the wearer from small particle aerosols and so do not provide significant respiratory protection.

IMPORTANT: Use of these products is not foolproof and comes with no guarantee that users are 100% protected from contracting Covid 19 (or other infections).  There are many variables which can impact their effectiveness – use of proper hand hygiene, proper donning of the mask, making sure the fit is snug, proper doffing / removal of the mask, storing the mask in a clean pouch, discarding the mask if it has been compromised, making a personal mistake, and more.  Having said that, these items are among the most effective items available on the civilian market and we offer them to you.

This item is non-returnable and non-refundable.

PRICE:  $23.99