Goggles - Turbo Fan Eyeglass Goggles by Smith Optics [KN5EBK]

These high end goggles offer the best fog-prevention system available for eyeglass wearers.

Great for Antarctica Explorers, KILI Trekkers, and Alpine Skiers alike, these goggles by Smith Optics have these Special Features:

  • Patented Vaporator lens technology with Porex filter
  • Articulating Outrigger Positioning System
  • QuickFit strap adjustment system
  • Large fit
  • Helmet and ODS compatible
  • Two speed, micro-electronic, "turbo" fan
  • Frame color: Black; Lens color: Platinum Mirror
  • A Carbonic-X Lens

A Note About Carbonic-X Lenses:

  • They are optically precise, spherical Carbonic-X lenses have superior clarity and impact resistance
  • They have proprietary, silicone-based hardcoated lenses that provide unsurpassed scratch and abrasion resistance
  • They have a hydrophobic coating bonded to the mirrored lens that reduces smudging and further increases scratch resistance
  • They have a patented Regulator adjustable lens ventilation system

PRICE:  $158.00