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Great for the active lady traveler who lives for the outdoors - wear them on the trail, on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving, rafting, or kayaking.

These great, all-purpose shorts have these Special Features:

  • UPF 30 rated for excellent sun protection
  • Classic "cut" and style (not a "hip hugger")
  • Look like regular shorts so you can feel comfortable wearing them all day long
  • You're prepared to jump right in at a moment's notice
  • Once you've taken a plunge you'll appreciate them the most
  • An outer fabric of 100% nylon oxford faille that makes them very quick drying
  • Designed for a lady, they have 2 hand pockets and 2 secure zipper pockets – your stuff won't wind up "permanently lost" in the great outdoors
  • They pack 'very small' so you can easily tuck them into a small corner of your luggage

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